Things to consider when looking for the best shampoo for your dog

Pet grooming products have evolved over the last couple of years. A decade ago, people used to think that they could use baby hair shampoo to wash their dogs, some even shared the same hair care products with their pets. These days pet owners are more educated and know more about taking care of their dogs. Most people now know that although their brand of human shampoo works to keep their hair clean and manageable, it might not be the best shampoo for their dog. Human hair is different to dog hair, what could be mild for your hair might turn out to be too harsh for your dog. Thankfully, the pet grooming product industry has grown so much that there are literally hundreds of different kinds of shampoos and brands formulated for specific conditions and specific dog hair.

When choosing a shampoo from the hundreds that exist on the market, you need to consider a couple of things:

Your dog’s age

Puppies generally have sensitive skin and require shampoo formulations that will be gentle on their skin and not irritate their eyes, just like a baby with delicate skin and sensitive skin needs a very mild shampoo.

Your dog’s skin condition

Your dog’s skin could be dry, flaky and itchy. First, you need to determine if there is any other reason for your skin to be itchy. If you are simply dealing with a dry skin, then the simple answer is a moisturizing shampoo. To be on the safe side, the best shampoo to use is one with natural ingredients like oatmeal and Vitamin E. Avoid scented shampoos s they contain chemicals that could be irritating. click here for further details.

Fleas and ticks

Dealing with fleas and ticks might take more than just regular washing and brushing. If your dog has a persistent flea problem you should try a shampoo that is specifically formulated to deal with fleas and ticks. The important thing to keep in mind is that fleas and ticks cannot be done away with a simple bath but there is a specific treatment protocol that you need to follow. Find out from your vet what the treatment should entail.

Things to consider when looking for the best shampoo for your dog

Bad smells

Dogs like to play in the dirt. Some breeds are better than others whilst some dogs can be trained not to rummage through garbage cans. The best shampoo to invest in is a good deodorizing shampoo that will eliminate funky odors instead of just covering them up.

Your dog’s hair color and shine

Your dog might be losing its natural color and shine. This could be due to a number of factors like age, failing health or poor diet. You can restore the shine and enhance your dog’s hair color with special shampoos but if the problem is more than just a cosmetic one, then you should have your dog checked by a vet.

Your dog’s fur and skin are important because they are a barrier against germs and bacteria that could be harmful to your dog. It is important to keep your dog clean so that it remains relatively healthy. How often you shampoo your dog should depend on the breed and whether or not your dog spends more time outside in the dirt. The bottom line is: the cleaner your dog is, the healthier and happier it is likely to be.

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